Does Penis Size Really Matter – What Women Think

It is not unusual for men to anchor their self-worth to the size of their penis, rating their own manliness in terms of an imagined ideal. Some of the blame for this can be placed on the adult film industry, which seeks out only the most heroically proportioned male actors. But do women feel the same way about their partners? The following discussion reveals the research on women’s attitudes toward penis size, as well as exploring some of the factors that affect it and the penis vitamins and minerals that can help men make the most out of what they have.

Women’s attitudes toward penis size

A 2006 study by Lever, Frederick & Peplau revealed some interesting facts about the opinions of men versus women concerning the size of the penis. For instance, while only 55% of all men surveyed were comfortable with their penis, and 45% admitted wanting a larger organ. These results were consistent in men aged from 18-65 years. On the other hand, 85% of women reported that they were happy with the length and girth of their partner. Furthermore, only 21% of women felt that penis length was important, while 33% of women were concerned about girth.

Factors that affect penis size

Penis size is mainly based on DNA – men get what they get when they are born. Whether they are sporting a 10-incher (which occurs in only about 1 in 10,000 men), have a condition known as micropenis (meaning it is less than one inch in length when erect) or fall somewhere in between, this is mainly the luck of the draw. However, certain issues can affect penis size, or at least its relative appearance:

Penis enhancement – is it worth it?

Each year, men spend millions of dollars on penis enhancement products, from stretching devices to exercise plans to surgical intervention. Unfortunately, most of this money appears to be wasted. To date, there is no scientific evidence that supports the idea that men can gain significant length or girth through any means, surgical or otherwise. The most substantial increase in size is generally ?? inch or less. Given the large number of unpleasant side effects (bleeding, scarring, loss of penis sensitivity, etc.), the benefits seem overshadowed by the risks.

Supporting optimum penis performance the natural way

It is clear from the research that men place much greater importance on penis size than their potential partners, suggesting that the problem is all in the head (pun intended, of course). But treating the penis right and supporting optimum tone, elasticity and suppleness of the penile skin through use of a high-quality penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may be an effective way to improve the look and feel of the penis, as well as increase its responsiveness to stimulation and promote healthy circulation. By keeping the penis in top condition, men can make the most of what they were born with, with surprising results when it comes to sexual performance and satisfaction.

Hangover: Before & After

A hangover is the result of excessive alcoholic drinking. It resulted in many unpleasant physiological effects. The most common symptoms of hangover are:

* headache
* dry mouth
* nauseous
* dizziness
* sensitivity to light and noise

According to research, some of the possible causes of these symptoms are dehydration, loss of mineral and essential salts and hypoglycemia.

Hangovers may last up to two or three days after alcohol was last consumed and varies from person to person, and occasion to occasion, usually beginning several hours after drinking.

Although it is almost common to experience this unpleasantness, it is also useful to be prepared and get ready before the next time you are going out for that late night hang out or party. Here are some tips on how hangover can be avoided and cured.


Tips to minimize the possibility of getting the hangover

1) Choose the less darker colored drinks.
The darker sweeter drinks, such as brandy, sherry, whiskey and red wine contains more congeners-complex organic molecules) will give you more hangover as compared to white wine and vodka.

2) Eat before you drink.
Food tends to absorb alcohol, therefore can minimize the after-effect of alcohol.

3) Moderation.

The safest bet of all is to practice moderation when drinking. Moderation is healthy and painless. Drink enjoyably, but as part of a social event, not the goal.


So you’ve had way enough drink last night and the symptoms of hangover has started to appear, you need to:

1) Drink lots and lots of water.
Alcohol tends to dehydrate so you need to pump in fluid to replenish the water loss.

2) Avoid caffeine
Caffeine will only continues to dehydrate you, that’s the exact opposite of what you want right now.

3) Take Vitamin C and B12
Vitamin C tends to break the alcohol in your body and vitamin B 12 acts as an antidote. Take them with lots of water.

4) Rest, rest and rest.
You owe your body the rest it needed in order to fully recovered and recharged, so try to sleep. Try taking a shower if you can’t sleep as it could help you to do so.

Penis Enlargement- Does Not Have To Cost You A Bomb!

It is human nature that prompts each person to be better than the average, being average is just being common, therefore becoming something special is always the target. In a survey taken for most men the penis size turned out to be 6 inches, it is no wonder that therefore, there are many who have unsatisfied partners because of no real penis strength or size.

Thinking about penis enlargement does not have to depress you simply by the costs involved, not all penis enlargement techniques cost a bomb, there are options which work just as fine at 50% of the price. It is necessary that though cheap, you find a perfect solution which will help you gain those extra inches and finally be able to make your partner extra happy.

These options are the penis enlargement pills, though highly common now, with several manufacturers trying to make money out of this business, you require identifying the genuine product which does what it promises, increases the size of your penis visibly and helps you and your partner overcome sexual frustration.

Most manufacturers make tall claims, and also give you a series of reasons why their product didn??t work, but these are not the genuine ones, you will require finding those which give you the exact method or dosage of pills to be taken and also provide proof that they are absolutely authentic.

If you visit the sites of genuine penis enlargement pill manufacturers, you will find them publishing all those responses they get from their customers, they also try to show in detail how their pills work and what are the exact combinations of several ingredients used in making the pills. This is lacking on the sites of genuine manufacturers.

Trying to find the best product is easy enough, only those who have confidence in their product will offer you a range of other help which you can use along with the penis enlargement products. It is not necessary that only those which are expensive should be successful, those which are inexpensive can be successful and can provide same level of results.

Therefore, when you wish you could add those extra inches you can start by doing extensive research on the Internet and find out the best options available to you. You should also check out whether the site is giving out proof, that can be audio-visual so that you can see the results yourself, only then you should go ahead to purchase the product.

Most penis enlargement products manufacturers give you guidelines regarding usage of the product, this is to help you out so that you know all regarding penis enlargement before you start medication. You can use these freebies and enjoy your life towards happiness and greater sexual satisfaction through better penis enlargement. You also require to see whether the products have certification from the medical fraternity and also whether these products have been certified by the FDA, if these are to be taken internally.

Odd Aphrodisiac & History Of Aphrodisiacs

Most people are very interested in boosting their libido and sex drive. Entire species are being endangered because of this insatiable appetite for aphrodisiacs and libido boosts. Tigers are sought for their penises, which are turned into soup or powder. Rhinoceros horns are even more prized. Powdered horns go for over $1,000 an ounce!

In North America species such as seals and black bears are not safe. Seal penises and bear gallbladders sell briskly in Asian markets because they are traditional remedies for impotence or infertility.

Ginseng was once common in the Appalachian Mountains. Now, with wholesale prices topping $500 per pound, poachers are decimating native ginseng populations. The belief that this herb can stimulate sexuality may be leading this plant into extinction in the wild.

There is little is any scientific evidence that ginseng or exotic animal parts will enhance human sexuality. Wishful thinking, exorbitant prices, and the power of suggestion are responsible for the popularity of rhino or crocodile kidneys.

For years Spanish fly was reputed to drive women wild with desire, but the story of Spanish fly is pure myth. For one, the extract cantharidin is derived from a beetle, not a fly.

The insect doesn’t even come from Spain, and ingesting this substance can even kill you. Anything for a good orgasm though. It is irritating to the digestive and urinary tract, in males it can cause painful erections, which may be how the misleading stories got started.

Perhaps the growing interest in aphrodisiacs is related to an aging population that is trying desperately to counteract impotence. Many men don’t realize that their habits and medical conditions contribute to the problem. Alcohol, cigarettes, hypertension, and diabetes all have a negative impact on the ability to perform sexually.

Many prescription medicines can also lower your libido and interfere with erections or orgasms. Women are not immune to sexual difficulties from medications either.

Progesterone, a frequent component to birth control pills and hormone replacement regimens, is a potential cause. Of course you sure won’t get pregnant if you’re not going to have sex.

Antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and Effexor can all hurt the desire and delay or eliminate orgasms.

Seal penis soup can’t even undo the damage from alcohol abuse or prescription drugs. There are better ways to treat sexual dysfunction without killing off rhinos or tigers. Viagra may be one of the most popular drugs in the pharmacy, but it’s not a panacea.

Comparison Between Viagra, Cialis And Levitra

About Viagra

Viagra became available in 1998. Viagra was and is more tested and have been studied more than other drug for erectile dysfunction. Viagra gives to men a fantastic results, thats why it’s the most popular drug for erectile dysfunction. You should know that Viagra does not protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases including Viagra does not cure ED, it just help men to get erections and enjoy their sexual life.
Viagra is a safe drug when it is used properly. You should meet your doctor and ask him before taking viagra to avoid health complications.

About Cialis

The main active ingridient for Cialis is Tadalafil. Tadalafil is an inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme. Cialis cause lesser side effects than Levitra and Viagra, cialis side effects are more mild and pass within a few hours after use. Here are the list of cialis side effects that may occur:
* Muscle aches * Back pain * Stomach disorder * Dizziness * Flushing nasal congestion * Headache * Dyspepsia

About Levitra

Also a similar drug to Viagra is Levitra(Vardenafil HCl). It is not a aphrodisiac, levitra help you to get erection when you are sexually stimulated. Remember that such drugs works on the body , not on the mind.Levitra should be taken each time you want to have sex. This pill works the same way like viagra but the strong point of this pill is that it is more selective in attacking PDE-5, it doesn’t affect other isoenzymes. Because of this , a smaller dose of levitra makes the same effect that a larger dose of viagra(average dose comparison is 10mg of levitra vs. 50mg of viagra).

Difference Between Viagra ? Cialis ? Levitra
The most important differences between this three drugs:
* About 5% of men that use cialis suffer from muscle aches that it provokes. * Viagra may cause color-vision problems. * Levitra and Viagra stays about four hours in the bloodstream while cialis “work” much longer(approximately 17 hours) thats why it is effective more than a day.

Levitra and Cialis block the PDE-5 enzyme, because of this they work exactly the same way as viagra.

The Best Penis Enlargement Pills

So what is the best penis enlargement pill? Well it depends on what you mean by the “best”. Some people prefer products like Stamina Rx. Which IS a great product, BUT it contains the herb yohimbe. Penis enlargement pills containing yohimbe may work well, but might not always be the best pick! Why? Well yohimbe is known for causing the heart to race, insomnia, jitteryness etc.

How about a penis enlargement pill (and the best penis enlargement pill in my opinion) that not only works as well as products with yohimbe, but is safe, has extensive research behind it AND guarantees a 100% money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied! The product I’m recommending is VigRx Plus. VigRx Plus is the top selling penis enlargement pill on the market and works wonders! naturally! I always suggest consulting with your doctor before starting the use of ANY product, but I feel confident in saying that unlike other products, VigRx Plus is completely safe!

So when choosing the best penis enlargement pill, look at the whole “package” (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) Like, “What are my options if I don’t like the product?”…”Are there any risks with taking the product?”…”What is the track record for this product?”

There are other brands of penis enlargement pills that I would recommend also. Below is a list:
VigRx Plus – Hands down I sell more of this than any other product.
Vigrx – Not too far behind VigRx Plus , Vigrx has been around for years. MagnaRx – From the makers of Vigrx and VigRx Plus .
Enzyte – This one speaks for itself!

Male Enhancement Techniques – What Really Works

The internet is full of information – and misinformation – about penis enhancement pills and products. And all the scams and half-truths floating around these days make it extremely difficult to know what is true and what is not, especially when it comes to male sexual enhancement products.

So here’s the truth: Not very many penis enhancement techniques actually work. We’ll start by viewing a few different male penis enlargement techniques that are available today.

Technique 1: Extension Devices

These devices are easily attainable on the Internet. Some look a bit strange. And some are extremely expensive.

Technique 2: Penis Enlargement Exercises

Exercise will definitely make your penis larger, perhaps even a bit larger than the extension devices.

Technique 3: Penis Enlargement Pills

The biggest advantage of penis enlargement pills is that you get fast results.

There is no cumbersome, expensive equipment to worry about, and there’s no need for you to spend hours performing exercises for weeks at a time. The only thing you need is one pill per day to get instant results.

This method, of course, has one drawback. The truth is that most of the male enhancement pills on the market today just don’t work. Numerous fly by night companies manufacture pills that do nothing to enhance the girth and length of your penis, or to enhance your performance in the bedroom.

If you are seeking penis enlargement products that provide the results you want, you should be looking for one that has been endorsed by medical doctors, has proven ingredients and comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee (i.e., if it doesn’t work, you can just return it!).

That’s the only way you’ll know when you’ve found a legitimate product and a reputable company. For instance, a product called VigRX Plus is very well-known name in the male enhancement industry. It includes a very impressive roster of proven and very powerful herbs, including:

?? Bioperine – This one has been proven to increase the absorption rates of herbal supplements.

?? Puncture Vine – Has been utilized in Europe for 1000’s of years to treat sexual dysfunction and increase libido.

?? Epimedium Leaf Extract – Also called “Horny Goat Weed”. Used for thousands of years to enhance libido.

?? Ginkgo Leaf – Ginkgo Biloba is used to enhance mental alertness, vitality level and a strong circulatory system. Also strengthens blood vessels.

?? Asian Red Ginseng – Helps give strength and vitality to the body and acts as an aphrodisiac.

?? Saw Palmetto Berry – Used as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant.

?? Muira Pauma Bark Extract – Known to restore sexual vitality and to enhance a man’s sexual potency and desire.

?? Catuaba Bark Extract – Famous Brazilian aphrodisiac plant.

?? Hawthorn Berry – Contains bioflavonoids, which dilate and relax the arteries. It also has very powerful antioxidants that help increase oxygen and blood flow.

The doctor-approved penis enhancement pill like VigRX Plus is proven to be super effective, and it comes with a super-effective refund policy: If you’re not completely satisfied with your results after trying it for 67 days, you won’t have to pay a penny. Read more about VigRX Plus penis enhancement pill that has been clinically tested.

Faq ? How To Get A Penis Size Increase

It is one of man?s biggest neuroses the size of one?s own penis. If you think your penis is too small then how do you get a penis size increase? It isn?t easy question to answer. Mother Nature is a tough opponent to overcome.

Statistics show that most people have an average size penis. The average male penis in the United States of America falls with in the penis size range of 5.5 to 6.5 inches for around 60% of the population.
Please remember that when you look down at your penis the angle that you view your own penis creates an optical illusion. One?s own penis will seem smaller in the shower when compared to another mans penis because of the angle you are looking at.

There are many ways to get a penis size increase from surgery where they can enhance the penis through the drastic measure where they cut the penile suspensatory ligament making the penis up to one inch longer. The down side this is that it is the penile suspensatory ligament allows the penis to stand up. Now when you are love-making after the surgery you have to manually insert the penis into the vagina as the dick although hard doesn?t rise up. This is an extreme solution that shouldn?t be taken lightly.

There are creams, lotions and pills that say over time that they can cause the penis to get bigger. They though often do not have the science to back up their claims and so use the marketing device of showing comments from happy customers. These products should leave you sceptical.

The only system that has a basis for truth is the use of weights on the penis to slowly over a period of months to get a penis size increase. This method will use a penis extender that works on the scientific principle of traction. Surgeons use the same principle to lengthen the legs of people who are short and opt for a surgical solution.

The theory is that you use a device that slowly over time puts small amounts of pressure on the penis that will over time stretch the penis. This is done incrementally over a period of around 4 to 6 months and the penis can show up to a 1 to 1.5 inch penis size increase.

There are products out there on the web that use this method and the use of traction has been used for thousands of years by people to increase the size of body parts. Anyone who has seen nature documentaries would be aware of tribes such as the Paduang of Burma who stretch their necks using metal rings. Then there are African or Amazonian tribes who use prosthesis?s or weights on their lips or ears.

Male Dysfunction Treatment – Why Value Its Importance

If you are worried about your lowering performance levels in the bed, and your fiancee complains a bit too much these days about how the fire between the sheets have gone absent compared to the passion you shared earlier, well, don’t just blame work and personal pressures for the same. A large percentage of middle-aged men and even the younger ones are suffering from male dysfunction, treatment for which is not only vague, but also extremely secretive for some.

Mainly it is so because of the societal taboos that is associated with erectile dysfunction treatment and similar issues, especially as men can often end up wanting to ignore the symptoms rather than walk to a physician or sexual therapy expert for feedback and assistance. Erectile dysfunction treatment, therefore, has become an unnecessarily hyped and overrated phenomenon, which has in turn made men suspicious of even genuine products online – with the former now preferring to go celibate throughout their lives than opt for medications or male dysfunction treatment that have been proven to work.

So why should you NOT be indulging in such frivolous banter if you find out that your libido has gone amiss too? Well, here are some strong reasons for the same!

If you had been taking the absence of libido or temporary male dysfunction lightly – Don’t! There are too many answers and examples out there that should be enough to show you the vagaries of doing the same. Also, instead of getting along with temporary erectile dysfunction remedies, go full throttle and get the natural erectile dysfunction remedies from the web. It would help you out immensely on the long run!

3 Things You Can Do To Make Women Chase You! ? One Is Getting A Big Penis!

Every guy wishes that pretty girls would chase him and fight each other just to have sex with him. But sadly so many men keep messing up their chances of becoming a chick magnet because of certain things that they have not done. Some men have discovered the secrets of attracting and keeping pretty ladies at their beck and call. There are just a few things that actually matter when it comes to being the guy that women want to have sex with.

The first thing you must do to have ladies view you as being sexually attractive is your appearance. You don’t have to undergo plastic surgery to look like George Clooney to be sexually attractive to pretty ladies, but you have to be well groomed. If you are not as handsome as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or George Clooney then you can’t afford to be unkempt. Always ensure that you are well groomed and you maintain a nice build by going to the gym once in a while. This would definitely help turn some female heads whenever you step into a room.

What’s that smell? Always ensure you apply nice cologne every time you go out. Smell has a very big role when it comes to sexual attraction. Although a woman would not have sex with you just because you smell good, but it would boost you image and if you approach her, you can be sure to get a positive response from her.

Penis size matters a lot! This is the most important thing that would make women chase you for sex. When you have a big penis size, you can be sure that the news would be spread by chicks that you have slept with. What this means is that you would have friends of your lover begging you to have sex with them. Women love bragging about their lovers and their boyfriends, so the moment a lady discovers you have big penis she would go about telling her friends that her lover/boyfriend is a stud in bed. This would only result in you having more babes than you can handle.

So do you have a big penis? I guess your answer was NO! There is no need to feel unhappy about your penis size. Have you heard of natural penis enlargement exercises and herbal penile enlargement pills? These two methods are the most effective and affordable way of getting a bigger penis size.

Natural penile enlargement exercises stretch and expand your penile tissues and force your penis to grow because of the pressure you apply on your penile tissues. While herbal penile enlargement pills increase blood flow to the penis, heal worn-out penile tissues and help in penis growth. A combination of natural penile enlargement exercises and herbal penile enlargement pills is the fastest way of getting a big penis size.

Now you know how to have girls chasing you for sex! What are you waiting for?