Comparison Between Viagra, Cialis And Levitra

About Viagra

Viagra became available in 1998. Viagra was and is more tested and have been studied more than other drug for erectile dysfunction. Viagra gives to men a fantastic results, thats why it’s the most popular drug for erectile dysfunction. You should know that Viagra does not protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases including Viagra does not cure ED, it just help men to get erections and enjoy their sexual life.
Viagra is a safe drug when it is used properly. You should meet your doctor and ask him before taking viagra to avoid health complications.

About Cialis

The main active ingridient for Cialis is Tadalafil. Tadalafil is an inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme. Cialis cause lesser side effects than Levitra and Viagra, cialis side effects are more mild and pass within a few hours after use. Here are the list of cialis side effects that may occur:
* Muscle aches * Back pain * Stomach disorder * Dizziness * Flushing nasal congestion * Headache * Dyspepsia

About Levitra

Also a similar drug to Viagra is Levitra(Vardenafil HCl). It is not a aphrodisiac, levitra help you to get erection when you are sexually stimulated. Remember that such drugs works on the body , not on the mind.Levitra should be taken each time you want to have sex. This pill works the same way like viagra but the strong point of this pill is that it is more selective in attacking PDE-5, it doesn’t affect other isoenzymes. Because of this , a smaller dose of levitra makes the same effect that a larger dose of viagra(average dose comparison is 10mg of levitra vs. 50mg of viagra).

Difference Between Viagra ? Cialis ? Levitra
The most important differences between this three drugs:
* About 5% of men that use cialis suffer from muscle aches that it provokes. * Viagra may cause color-vision problems. * Levitra and Viagra stays about four hours in the bloodstream while cialis “work” much longer(approximately 17 hours) thats why it is effective more than a day.

Levitra and Cialis block the PDE-5 enzyme, because of this they work exactly the same way as viagra.