Hangover: Before & After

A hangover is the result of excessive alcoholic drinking. It resulted in many unpleasant physiological effects. The most common symptoms of hangover are:

* headache
* dry mouth
* nauseous
* dizziness
* sensitivity to light and noise

According to research, some of the possible causes of these symptoms are dehydration, loss of mineral and essential salts and hypoglycemia.

Hangovers may last up to two or three days after alcohol was last consumed and varies from person to person, and occasion to occasion, usually beginning several hours after drinking.

Although it is almost common to experience this unpleasantness, it is also useful to be prepared and get ready before the next time you are going out for that late night hang out or party. Here are some tips on how hangover can be avoided and cured.


Tips to minimize the possibility of getting the hangover

1) Choose the less darker colored drinks.
The darker sweeter drinks, such as brandy, sherry, whiskey and red wine contains more congeners-complex organic molecules) will give you more hangover as compared to white wine and vodka.

2) Eat before you drink.
Food tends to absorb alcohol, therefore can minimize the after-effect of alcohol.

3) Moderation.

The safest bet of all is to practice moderation when drinking. Moderation is healthy and painless. Drink enjoyably, but as part of a social event, not the goal.


So you’ve had way enough drink last night and the symptoms of hangover has started to appear, you need to:

1) Drink lots and lots of water.
Alcohol tends to dehydrate so you need to pump in fluid to replenish the water loss.

2) Avoid caffeine
Caffeine will only continues to dehydrate you, that’s the exact opposite of what you want right now.

3) Take Vitamin C and B12
Vitamin C tends to break the alcohol in your body and vitamin B 12 acts as an antidote. Take them with lots of water.

4) Rest, rest and rest.
You owe your body the rest it needed in order to fully recovered and recharged, so try to sleep. Try taking a shower if you can’t sleep as it could help you to do so.

Comparison Between Viagra, Cialis And Levitra

About Viagra

Viagra became available in 1998. Viagra was and is more tested and have been studied more than other drug for erectile dysfunction. Viagra gives to men a fantastic results, thats why it’s the most popular drug for erectile dysfunction. You should know that Viagra does not protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases including Viagra does not cure ED, it just help men to get erections and enjoy their sexual life.
Viagra is a safe drug when it is used properly. You should meet your doctor and ask him before taking viagra to avoid health complications.

About Cialis

The main active ingridient for Cialis is Tadalafil. Tadalafil is an inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme. Cialis cause lesser side effects than Levitra and Viagra, cialis side effects are more mild and pass within a few hours after use. Here are the list of cialis side effects that may occur:
* Muscle aches * Back pain * Stomach disorder * Dizziness * Flushing nasal congestion * Headache * Dyspepsia

About Levitra

Also a similar drug to Viagra is Levitra(Vardenafil HCl). It is not a aphrodisiac, levitra help you to get erection when you are sexually stimulated. Remember that such drugs works on the body , not on the mind.Levitra should be taken each time you want to have sex. This pill works the same way like viagra but the strong point of this pill is that it is more selective in attacking PDE-5, it doesn’t affect other isoenzymes. Because of this , a smaller dose of levitra makes the same effect that a larger dose of viagra(average dose comparison is 10mg of levitra vs. 50mg of viagra).

Difference Between Viagra ? Cialis ? Levitra
The most important differences between this three drugs:
* About 5% of men that use cialis suffer from muscle aches that it provokes. * Viagra may cause color-vision problems. * Levitra and Viagra stays about four hours in the bloodstream while cialis “work” much longer(approximately 17 hours) thats why it is effective more than a day.

Levitra and Cialis block the PDE-5 enzyme, because of this they work exactly the same way as viagra.

Faq ? How To Get A Penis Size Increase

It is one of man?s biggest neuroses the size of one?s own penis. If you think your penis is too small then how do you get a penis size increase? It isn?t easy question to answer. Mother Nature is a tough opponent to overcome.

Statistics show that most people have an average size penis. The average male penis in the United States of America falls with in the penis size range of 5.5 to 6.5 inches for around 60% of the population.
Please remember that when you look down at your penis the angle that you view your own penis creates an optical illusion. One?s own penis will seem smaller in the shower when compared to another mans penis because of the angle you are looking at.

There are many ways to get a penis size increase from surgery where they can enhance the penis through the drastic measure where they cut the penile suspensatory ligament making the penis up to one inch longer. The down side this is that it is the penile suspensatory ligament allows the penis to stand up. Now when you are love-making after the surgery you have to manually insert the penis into the vagina as the dick although hard doesn?t rise up. This is an extreme solution that shouldn?t be taken lightly.

There are creams, lotions and pills that say over time that they can cause the penis to get bigger. They though often do not have the science to back up their claims and so use the marketing device of showing comments from happy customers. These products should leave you sceptical.

The only system that has a basis for truth is the use of weights on the penis to slowly over a period of months to get a penis size increase. This method will use a penis extender that works on the scientific principle of traction. Surgeons use the same principle to lengthen the legs of people who are short and opt for a surgical solution.

The theory is that you use a device that slowly over time puts small amounts of pressure on the penis that will over time stretch the penis. This is done incrementally over a period of around 4 to 6 months and the penis can show up to a 1 to 1.5 inch penis size increase.

There are products out there on the web that use this method and the use of traction has been used for thousands of years by people to increase the size of body parts. Anyone who has seen nature documentaries would be aware of tribes such as the Paduang of Burma who stretch their necks using metal rings. Then there are African or Amazonian tribes who use prosthesis?s or weights on their lips or ears.

How Can You Enlarge Your Penis- 3 Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger

Trying to enlarge your penis can seem like a difficult and frustrating thing to do. Especially when you’re not sure if you can even do it. It’ll have you asking yourself, “How can you enlarge your penis”. So, what I’m going to do is share with you 3 ways you can make your penis bigger.

That way, you’ll know exactly how to enlarge your penis.

The 3 ways to make you bigger are:

1. Devices. This is the first way you can enlarge your penis. There are all types of devices that are suppose to make you bigger. There are some that you can wear up to 10 hours that will help make your penis longer. If you decide to use devices, be sure to use with caution.

2. Pills. This is another way you can enlarge your penis. There are a couple of penis enlargement pills that actually work. The others that claim to help you won’t do anything except give you an erection.

3. Exercises. This is the best way to enlarge your penis size. Exercises are effective and safe. They will make you longer and thicker. Some of the exercises will also help you last longer during sex, which is a great thing for you and your woman.

These are some ways you can enlarge your penis. If you are serious about getting a bigger penis, you should use the penis enlargement exercises. They’re easy to do and effective. Now that you know the answer to your question, “how can you enlarge your penis”, try the exercises tonight.