Hangover: Before & After

A hangover is the result of excessive alcoholic drinking. It resulted in many unpleasant physiological effects. The most common symptoms of hangover are:

* headache
* dry mouth
* nauseous
* dizziness
* sensitivity to light and noise

According to research, some of the possible causes of these symptoms are dehydration, loss of mineral and essential salts and hypoglycemia.

Hangovers may last up to two or three days after alcohol was last consumed and varies from person to person, and occasion to occasion, usually beginning several hours after drinking.

Although it is almost common to experience this unpleasantness, it is also useful to be prepared and get ready before the next time you are going out for that late night hang out or party. Here are some tips on how hangover can be avoided and cured.


Tips to minimize the possibility of getting the hangover

1) Choose the less darker colored drinks.
The darker sweeter drinks, such as brandy, sherry, whiskey and red wine contains more congeners-complex organic molecules) will give you more hangover as compared to white wine and vodka.

2) Eat before you drink.
Food tends to absorb alcohol, therefore can minimize the after-effect of alcohol.

3) Moderation.

The safest bet of all is to practice moderation when drinking. Moderation is healthy and painless. Drink enjoyably, but as part of a social event, not the goal.


So you’ve had way enough drink last night and the symptoms of hangover has started to appear, you need to:

1) Drink lots and lots of water.
Alcohol tends to dehydrate so you need to pump in fluid to replenish the water loss.

2) Avoid caffeine
Caffeine will only continues to dehydrate you, that’s the exact opposite of what you want right now.

3) Take Vitamin C and B12
Vitamin C tends to break the alcohol in your body and vitamin B 12 acts as an antidote. Take them with lots of water.

4) Rest, rest and rest.
You owe your body the rest it needed in order to fully recovered and recharged, so try to sleep. Try taking a shower if you can’t sleep as it could help you to do so.

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