A Mobile Hair Salon for My Clients

My schedule can be pretty chaotic because of the work that I do. I am a personal assistant to some very important people. I don’t mean that I am their assistant at work in a typical nine to five job. I help them in their non-work lives. Even though my clients are hugely involved in their careers, they do have private lives that are very important to them. I make sure that their private time runs right on schedule, which is why I often use a company that does on demand beauty in NYC.

Since my clients have such hectic schedules themselves, they do not want to have to rely on a hair salon or a spa that will do their make-up before they get busy with their private time. For me, private time means lounging on my patio with a good book. For them, it means going out to dinner where photographers will be taking their pictures, or going to awards shows, or charity events. For the ultra private moments where they just stay in and spend time with their family, they don’t utilize my services. Since I have to make sure they have the right apparel, the reservations that are needed at fancy restaurants, and the right look, I use a mobile hair salon often.

I like the services that are offered, which is why I use the same company for every client. I mostly utilize the services of two people, because to me, they are simply the best. They can be trusted to not divulge anything they hear, plus they are just remarkable when it comes to hair and makeup. Each stylist is prompt, and she can work under any condition. When she comes, my client is usually wearing a robe and on the phone. When she leaves, my client looks like a million bucks. That’s why my clients love me, because I know the right people to make them look beautiful.