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Advantages of Self-leveling Cement

When your concrete floors will be needing repairs or resurfacing, self-leveling concrete is the best solution to this. When the concrete is cracked, comes with varying elevations, uneven or sunken, self leveling cement is the best option. The concrete floor will then look new again and you could level an unlevel surfaces.

The self-leveling concretes are polymer-modified cements which don’t require any added large volumes of water on its placement. This is also used for creating smooth flat surfaces with high compressive strengths. Also, it can be installed on top of concrete, VCT, wood, ceramic tile or other non-flexible surface.

Self-leveling cement will be poured in liquid form and will go down from ? to 1.5 inch thick in a single pass. A gauging tool will then be used in spreading this in place. Some of the qualities that it includes would be having compressive strength, flatness and smoothness compared to the traditional concrete floors. After the application process, you can then add decorative overlays or concrete dyes or stains.

A self-level cement is considered to be one of the newest trends in both commercial owners and architects. This also is quick to install and this can also be installed either pre or post construction. This could cover tile floors or plywood well and is likewise flood proof and hypoallergenic.

For you to prepare a floor, you should first consider removing all loose materials and then clean the surfaces. The floors have to be free from moisture and should be cured completely. The process of its application would be to mix it to the point where a lump-free slurry will be obtained. You then could use a broom or a brush in applying the concrete. This will dry in just minutes because of the thin consistency.

These new kind of polymer-modified cement overlays could be used in creating new angles on the traditional cements. The flowable concrete will then create a level surface. The consistency of the compound is just like pancake batter where it allows it to move and take over the areas that are needed. Cement then can be poured to one inch. This can also help to cure speedily. Just a minute of such labor is needed in order to create a level surface which will be ready to use in just hours.

This is also popular for the concrete countertops. The product also is highly fluid and is pourable which reduces the installation time frames. The outcomes of it would be a concrete countertop that has strength and low permeability. It’s likewise compatible with limestone aggregates.

The self-level cement is not intended for final floor surfaces. The materials of which makes such compounds in fact are not constant or frequent foot traffic. The self-leveling compounds are just intended for subfloors or being covered by ceramic tiles, carpet, wood or vinyl. If in case your home comes with under the floor heaters, you need to make certain that the self-leveling compound product that you choose is suited to heat exposures.

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