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The Reasons Why Theatre is Significant for Children

Theatre is known to be a great place to improve the social life of children. It can help them build self-confidence through interaction with other people. Theatre can also provide a common ground for children to make friends and learn about literature and arts. This can also be a great place to keep a child’s mind occupied thus preventing them from getting into trouble. Below are some of the reasons why theatre is a great place for children.

The first reason is that it teaches children on how to be team players. When working together during plays children are able to cultivate teamwork. This means listening to each other, working hard and having a unified vision. Therefore, if one fails to memorize their lines well then they are letting others down or even when they are not paying attention to the show, they may lose the pace of the show. The theatre will however help the children to achieve their goals as a team and teach them an important skill that is essential in life.

The second reason is that it helps them build compassion and empathy. Through observing the theatre plays one can understand what people go through in their lives and thus encourages empathy. Therefore through portraying different character one is able to fill the characters shoes and learn about their strengths and difficulties. Nevertheless, this will help the children view the world with a new perspective hence being able to display empathy and compassion to others.

The third point is that the theater provides exposure to art, literature and history. In the theatre the plays displayed are mainly historical events. This therefore helps to bring important ideas and events to life. It can also serve as a platform to introduce poetry, fairy tales and even short stories to the children. This therefore can help them develop love for literature and history before they are exposed to education curriculum.

On to the fourth point, theatre serves as a means to curbing public speaking fears. Speaking in front of large crowds can be unnerving. However, theater can help boost once confidence to be able communicate properly to the public and feel comfortable in their presence. It can also help them to be quick thinkers and improve their creativity. Therefore, theater can help them in the future since this is a skill that they may require in their careers.

Finally, theatre can help children to improve their self-expressions. Through playing games, reciting plays or even singing can be a means for the children to express themselves. They can also serve as a means of reliving stress and at the same time creating fun in the lives of the children. This can also help the children to differentiate emotions and know which expressions to display. On the other hand these skill can be used by the children to remain emotionally healthy.

Having gone through this article you will definitely appreciate the importance of theater to children and you will definitely allow your kids to visit one once in a while.

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