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Being a parent is automatically exciting to most individuals. There are however many challenges that come with this humbling task that require parents to be well prepared. Most importantly let us discuss how we raise our girls. The demanding nature of life is slowly transforming our children to be like robots. A large number of girls are doing well academically, economically and even socially. Our children are trained that excellence and wealth is a top priority in their lives. They, therefore, channel all their efforts on that and they forget focusing on themselves. When an individual looks at the lives of many girls today and asks them the question whether they are happy, most will utter something they are unsure about. Where could we be going wrong in mentoring these girls? This article will try to highlight some common issues that the girl may face that we need to work on to make them feel loved and wanted.

Some girls are always apologizing for every single thing that they do. The sense of being apologetic is as a result of a lack of self-appreciation. The girls feel sorry for being themselves. The cause of this could be harsh corrective measures that parents instill on the children. It could occur from school or even from home. The children should always get a reason for punishment. They should have a clear distinction of right and wrong for them to be in a position to sand for themselves. Girls will more often look up to their mothers. So possibly if your daughter always apologizes they copy the behavior from you. We can correct these by stopping being apologetic for the wrong reasons. Also correcting your daughters whenever they miss the context of an apology can greatly be a corrective measure to this behavior. It is important to teach our daughters to appreciate themselves to help them avoid being sorry always.

Self-esteem is a virtue that is very important to build in a daughter. High self-esteem will build your daughter to be a lady of great strength one who never fears to stand up for themselves. It is very true to note that the self-esteem of our daughters is highly controlled by social media networks. Here they get the comments from their counterparts both positive and negative. These opinions will break them or build them. A girl that lacks strong awareness of their flaws and strengths will fall victim of the negative comments. As a parent educate your daughter on how to handle negativity and help them find themselves especially since most of them end up in frustrations as adolescents.

Girls are good at comparing themselves with others. They start that from a very young age to the extents that they know where exactly they fall in. Among the smart kids or the pretty or the rich. Comparing your very aspect with other people can be very harmful even to adults. Girls must refrain from the comparison. Let them understand the uniqueness of every person. They should understand the beauty of being themselves and focusing on them. This will help them to stay more positive and happy.
Teaching and empowering girls make them be to live a more fulfilled life. They have all other achievements and most of all they appreciate and have a strong love for themselves. This brings forth a self-fulfilling joy that gives them morale and zeal for life. Someone said that we only live once and hence every opportunity on earth should be full of life since it is irreversible.

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