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Things that You Should Have in Mind about ESTA Visa

An ESTA visa application is one of the things that you should work on if you are planning to visit America. After you have been given an ESTA authorization, that is to mean that it is not a must for you to possess a USA visa in case you are planning to go there. If you want to apply for ESTA, which denotes Electronic System for Travel Authorization, it is important for you to ensure that you have done it in less than seventy-two hours or any other time that is close to the time when you are planning to leave. You need to be aware that applying for ESTA is done online.

You can find very many websites which take care of ESTA applications. In case your request for traveling becomes authorized, you should know that you should not reapply since the ESTA visa waiver takes a lot of years before it has expired and you will only be needed to meet some set conditions. One thing that you need to understand is that not all countries have been subscribed for the ESTA visa waiver program and hence you need to start by checking if your country has been listed. You need to know that it is only persons who come from the named countries and who don’t have American visas who may apply for ESTA.

In case you want to go on holiday for a length of time that extends three months, you should not apply for an ESTA because you do not qualify because its validity should last for a period of time that is below ninety days. In the ESTA application, you should make sure that you have included your reason for going for that trip and some of the reasons include going for business matters or leisure trips. Before you have decided on submitting an ESTA application, you need to ensure that you have a passport which is readable by a machine. A passport that can be read by a machine usually has two lines and chevrons which are put at the personal information’s page bottom.

In case you might have renewed your passport before October of 2005, then it should either have an electronic chip or a digital ID photograph. After you have handed over the ESTA application, it is also very important for you to ensure that all the required information about you has been made readily available. The information that needs to be available include the details of your flight and number and also the name of the airport and city that you need to go to.

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