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Important things that you should know about Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 refers to a synthetic chemical similar to a certain similar human body hormone known as melanocyte stimulating hormone. Erectile dysfunction in men can be treated by the use of melanotan 2. Another medical way of using melanotan 2 is in skin tanning and as a skin protector from cancer caused by sunburns. There are several truths about melanotan 2 that you should know.

It is safe to use melanotan 2 under medical supervision. Some of the side effects of using melanotan 2 includes nausea, stomach cramps, spontaneous erections in men, tiredness, yawning, flushing and darkened the skin. The approval of melanotan 2 for other uses has not yet been made. Pregnant women and those mothers who are breastfeeding should avoid melanotan 2 as much as possible since it has not been proven to be safe for them.

Usually, melanotan 2 is injected under the skin to trigger and erection with a dosage of 0.025 mg/kg. On the other hand, melanotan 2 is injected under the skin for skin tanning on a typical dosage of 0.025 mg/kg.

The use of melanotan usually enhances the melanin in the human skin. The enhancement of melanin allows the skin to naturally respond to UV damage that then leads to the skin darkening thereby protecting it from any further damages. The dosage of melanotan 2 used in skin tanning mostly depends on the skin type. The biological system of a person is what determines the dosage of melanotan 2 to be used and is usually ranging from 0 to 40 mg. It is recommended that you have a melanotan 2 injection for at least once per week after your body gets used to it.

The use of melanotan 2 is much beneficial since it is more effective, offers fast results as compared to other tanning products such as lotions and creams. The fact that melanotan 2 is more effective as compared to other tanning supplements makes it rank high on demand.

The results expected after using melanotan 2 comes depending on the skin type of users whereby those with lighter skins might take longer to see results as opposed to those with a darker skin type. As opposed to other skin tanning products, melanotan 2 does not cause cancer. Skin inflammations, skin rashes and sun burns are the various skin conditions that are effectively protected by the use of melanotan 2.

While under the dose of melanotan 2, skin burning should be avoided as much as possible. While under the dosage of melanotan 2, exposure to the sun must be avoided.

A melanotan 2 dose should not be bought without some great considerations. One thing you should consider when buying melanotan 2 dose is the reputation of the sites. Avoid buying melanotan 2 form unlicensed stores. Ensure that you also check on the shelf life of the melanotan 2 before buying.

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